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Welcome to elleVilla!


elleVilla is a cute and comfortable little B&B situated in beautiful surroundings close to the waterfront in LARVIK.


you can get here by railway from around the country, airplane from anywhere in the world or by sailboat from denmark and sweden.

you can even bring your caravan! :)


get here if you can! :)


I came to Larvik for a concert in 2003, and happened to find the sales documents for this beautiful house - for no good reason.  or for a very good reason.  don't really know how or why - but I do believe in angels! :)


fell in love with photos of the house, called the owner who could tell me it was not yet sold, saw the house - and the amazing MAGNOLIA tree in full blossom!!! - and bought the house before the band got on stage.


I got all the permissions I needed (thank you, LARVIK and great neighbours!) - and my life has been a wonderful fairytale (with numbers of hours of fun & hard work) ever since.


I have the bests guests in the world, - and they keep coming back!!


elleVilla has got three nice rooms for guests, all guests share a big, delicate bathroom + extra toilet with sink (and this normally works out fine as we make a little plan for time of showering/breakfast etc.), a good breakfast is served in livingrooms with a wonderful atmosphere.

(single: 900 NOK, double: 1100 NOK, extra bed: 250 NOK.  w/breakfast)


the garden is like a danish painting in the summer and people love hanging out in my grandmothers old furniture under blossoming apple trees.  we serve good food and fun drinks, we play smooth, jazzy music from hidden speakers (in the blossoming trees) - and some summer nights we even serve great live music - performed by our favourite artists.


we can't wait to see you here!! :)


there are lots of fun, relaxing, sporty and interesting things to do in this part of the country, - and I'll be happy to help you plan your stay! you can find some sort of information on this site, but my list looks like this;


FARRIS BAD - for SPA-treatments (you do the sleeping here, remember!!)

larvik golf - one of the better courts in norway!!

mølen - magical beach

sporet - nice hangout on the train station

café passagen - elleVilla-kind of atmosphere

SVENNER!! - amazing light house environment


and there's so much more.... (we'll talk when you get here)


welcome to Larvik and elleVilla!!



Elisabeth Holm

elleVilla B&B





all photos: best there is! - Lisbeth Michelsen



elleVilla B&B - colin archersgate 4 - 3263 larvik • tlf.+4733114500 mobil +4790155501 • elisabeth@ellevilla.no